Stella McCartney Kids - סטלה מקרת'ני

One of the most appreciated designer in the world, who created a successful design house in her name in 2001, so no wonder it was very exciting news when Stella lunched her kids collection from 0-14 years old. A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney does not use any leather or fur in her designs and her collection is not only ecologically friendly and ethical but it's also accessible! Each season Stella surprises us with her creativity. The collection for children and babies offers comfortable basics with fun prints and trendy styles as well as beautiful and more dressy looks like her signature tutu skirts and dresses for girls and cool trousers and shirts for boys. We are defiantly addicted to her style :)

AO / American Outfitters - אמריקן אאוטפיטרס

AO is a Belgium Brand, one of the most successful brands in the world. It was founded by 3 sisters who created beautiful, stylish, trendy clothing for kids from 2 to 16 years old. AO collections are always made with wide variety of the coolest styles for kids. The fun t shirts prints, bright colors and the precise fit of their trousers, shorts, skirts and dresses is what makes AO such a great brand that all kids love to wear!

I dig denim

I dig denim is a Gothenburg based denim brand for kids between 2-15 years founded in 2009 by designer Hanna Clavegård. In autumn 2012 a women line was added – I dig denim woman. As of today, I dig denim is represented in 23 countries worldwide, selling in 150 carefully selected stores among others NK department store and Barneys New York.Our belief is that what you wear reflects your personality and we think it’s important that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Therefore, we have carefully considered every detail and our collections for kids and women are characterised by good quality, perfect fit, and unique washes.The inspiration comes from the wild elements of the Swedish west coast – the sea, rocks and open skies – which are ever present and reflected in the colour schemes and fadings of the fabric. The collections are based on denim and completed with pieces in soft fabrics and shapes. Each I dig denim piece is characterised by a strong sense of style, with a clearly relaxed and carefree expression.I dig denim stands for a natural yet cool look.

Petitbo - פטיטבו

The brand was created by Fia Reispass in 2011 with the aim to make something a little bit different. Clothes that are not too childish but yet playful and comfortable to wear. Fia's life is spent between the beach and the big city and she make clothes that work perfect for both occasions. Clothes to feel good in! Fringes have become Petitbo trade mark over the seasons and you can be sure to find them in every collection in several different ways. Petitbo style is Nordic bohemian with a little French touch - a little bit of a vintage feeling and some rock n´roll. Un peu bohème, un peu rock aussi! All their clothes are made in Portugal and they work as much as possible with GOTS certified organic cotton.

נונונו -nununu

NUNUNU is a contemporary yet comfortable alternative to typical baby and children’s fashion. The collection designed to kids from New Born up to 14 year old. If you appriciate the super cool kick ass attitude combined with sense of humor so nununu is the brand for you. NUNUNU was founded by Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg a long time fashion stylist and creative director who wanted to offer an alternative to the usual babywear clichés. Both designers are influenced by clean-minimalist design in all its aspects, and the NUNUNU designs are without a doubt a reflection of this. NUNUNU integrates high quality fabrics, basic colors and urban design mixed together with a personal touch creating unique and deconstructed look

Louise Misha - לואי מישה

Louise Misha has been created in Paris by two friends, Aurélie Remetter and Marie Pidancet in January 2012.. With the experience gained through their work experience and further united by their complicity, it was on a trip to india, through the inspiration of colors and the scented reality of Delhi that they decided to launch their own clothes, jewels and accessories label for little girls, Louise Misha .The label’s got its name because they wanted to induce a family feel to their brand. They have chosen to associate the first name of the grandmother of the one, Louise and the nickname of the mom of the other, Misha. “Louise Misha”. They created a brand with a vintage feeling, full of nostalgia and the idea that “Louise Misha” could be the name of the heroin in an old black and white movie. Particularly attached to the “hand-made”, they started this adventure by 2012 Winter accessories collection, with exclusively jewels made by hand in a Parisian workshop. This line has the originality to be for the little girls but also be for woman.

Kids Case - קידס קייס

Kids case brand is known for its casual-chic look, refined details, soft and comfortable knit, organic cotton, with a retro look combined with some rock & roll style., the colors are subtle and this is what makes Kidscase special ! Kidscase was founded in 2000 in Amsterdam with aimed to have their collections produced by methods that are both fair to people and environmentally friendly. their collection runs from age 0 to 10 years old.

G O L D E N   G O O S E - גולדן גוז

The collection was born in 2000 from Alessandro and Francesca Gallo’s passion for fashion and art. Golden Goose mixes Italian spirit and English tailoring. The production is experimental and contemporary and it is made in old and abandoned factories in Venice. After the great success of man and womanswear, Golden Goose presents the Children Shoes collection which became huge success all over the world. Those cool sneakers designed in such original style that you simply can't resist a pair that upgrade any kid outfit. Simply a must!

Victoria - ויקטוריה

Victoria was founded in Spain in 1915. Since then, many people have worn the name Victoria on their shoes, especially during the seventies and eighties, when Victoria canvas shoes became an essential part of Spanish fashion. Who doesn’t remember summers with Victoria?

Time may have moved on, but today Victoria are still making the legendary model just as they did back then. Indeed, every season the designers create new collections to match the latest trends, reinventing Victoria without compromising its essence. More than that Victoria is know as a GREEN brand; their canvas shoes are toxic free, Victoria has Öko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which guarantees a harmless product, perfectly suitable for direct contact with the skin, even with babies. All the materials used in the rubber-soled shoes can be recycled and used for a variety of purposes. The soles of Victoria shoes are made from real natural rubber using latex extracted from trees. Natural rubber is much more resistant to heat and wear than synthetic rubber, as well as being more environmentally friendly. Victoria's fabrics are made from 100% natural cotton, grown and produced in Spain. Natural fabrics are cooler and more breathable than synthetic fabrics, protecting the skin from fungi.

Igor - אייגור

Igor is know all over the world for their beautiful and colorful Jelly sandals and rain boots for kids, 100% made in Spain since 1974! each season Igor is combining their classic designs as "crab sellers" and "bondi" Sandals with the last trendiest inspired style in fashion. The comfort and the great colors models make it easy to wear and is the favorite brand among the parents who love to dress their children in style and quality shoes.

Le Petit Swim - לה פטיט סווימ

The Spanish brand Le Petit Swim  comes from Barcelona, are known for their cool and simple style without giving up comfort and practicality! all their swim wear are made from high quality and soft materials. Their collection is always made with attention to details, bright colors with kind of a vintage look that is the signature of the brand.  

Gold Frankincense + Myrrh

Is the brainchild of creator, designer, bower bird and mum Renée.

An Australian children's accessory company launched in 2014, founded on a Childhood in fashion and an education in the Arts. The inspiration; to create modern, practical baby products and leather head dresses using natural elements, something whimsical, simple and delicate for our little ones. Each piece is unique and 100% hand made in Melbourne.

The leather crowns, as well as the variety of the feathers crowns are absolutely breathtaking! making each girl or boy feel really special wearing it.

Yosi Samra - יוסי סמרה

A second-generation shoe designer, Yosi Samra grew up in his father's factory in New York City and spent countless hours absorbing the fine art of shoemaking. So when it came time for him to launch his own eponymous footwear line in 2009, he was more than prepared. Samra was a pioneer designer of what would become the popular fold-up ballet flat movement, elevating the style into one that was just as superior in structure and design as it was comfortable and convenient. Thanks to the premium he placed on high-quality genuine leathers, unique details, and cutting-edge fashion, the Yosi Samra brand quickly eclipsed its competitors and expanded to include matching children's ballet flats. Yosi Samra's runway-inspired styles have been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Glamour Magazines and spotted on some of fashion's most trend-setting celebrities, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Anne Hathaway, and Halle Berry.

easy peasy

easy peasy brand name is exactly reflecting the brand and their style, which means "effortless" easy peasy  is eco-friendly brand and priority is given to natural and ecological raw materials,  every detail is taken into account: from design to production. The leather is super soft and kids just can't get use to any other Sandals once wearing easy peasy.


 Launched in 2009 by Séverine Balanqueux, titlee offers beautiful jewelry inspired by fantasy and a delicate imagination. The collection is made in France  titlee jewelry comes to life in the hands of expert welders, enamelers, and gilders. Titlee mixes unique gold chains with cut engraved or enameled pieces creating surprising colorful associations. Hypoallergenic and gilded with fine gold (1 micron of gold) on brass, the greatest care is taken to make each titlee piece of jewelry an original and special object to own.


At last a range of temporary tattoos that have some style and personality. Tattoofab is a French company with a design team that take inspiration from contemporary art and illustrations. Tattoofab offers cool and contemporary temporary tattoos to wear in any circumstances. For kids, for teens, for adults, their tattoos appeal to festival goers or pre-schoolers alike. But unlike a real tattoo, you can change your mind at the end of the day

Skylar Luna

A modern mix of California-inspired style and feel-good fabrics, Skylar Luna is eco-friendly sleepwear for the trendsetters of tomorrow. Created to give parents a social- and style-conscious kids’ sleepwear alternative, Skylar Luna combines superior comfort with contemporary design and the peace of mind provided by 100%-organic cotton, free of any fire retardant chemicals. 

Craftholic - קרפטהוליק

הכריות/בובות הענקיות ששיגעו את יפן, המזרח ואירופה עכשיו בארץ. כל בובה בגובה של כ 1 מטר, רכות ונעימות לחיבוקים והתכרבלות בלילה. הבובות נולדו ביפן ב 2008 ע"י המעצבת היפנית איקוקו יאמאמוטו. לכל בובה אישיות וסיפור משלה.הילדים לגמרי מתמכרים לבובה ואף נאמר לנו לא אחת, ע"י לקוחותינו, כי נדידת הילד בלילה אל מיטת ההורים פסקה מאז שהבובה נכנסה אליהם למיטה :) בהחלט שווה לנסות!

Gold Frankincense + Myrrh

Is the brainchild of creator, designer, bower bird and mum Renée.

An Australian children's accessory company launched in 2014, founded on a Childhood in fashion and an education in the Arts. The inspiration; to create modern, practical baby products and leather head dresses using natural elements, something whimsical, simple and delicate for our little ones. Each piece is unique and 100% hand made in Melbourne.

The leather crowns, as well as the variety of the feathers crowns are absolutely breathtaking! making each girl or boy feel really special wearing it.

Egg By Suzan Lazar - אג / סוזאן לאזאר

Egg was launched by Susan Lazar in New York City in 2003, after the success of her contemporary women's line in the early 90s. With a focus on family and the nurturing element of fashion, Susan created Egg as an affordable luxury brand for babies and children.

"At Egg we love- love. I wanted to create a brand that embraced the bond between parents and their children. The name 'Egg' is inspired by each child's great potential. All eggs might look the same on the outside, but inside lays infinite possibilities." - Susan Lazar

Support unity through love, offer designs that are modern, balance chic with sweet, use environmentally-friendly materials, and highlight life's beginning...pure potential

Egg is recognized among celebrities including Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Jennifer Garner and more.

Soft Gallery - סופט גאלרי

Soft Gallery creates poetic clothing and novelties with a deeper meaning. Soft Gallery seeks to stimulate and uncover creativity through clothing and to inspire our artistic sides. 
Each collection is a living gallery –a gallery on fabric.  It combine art and clothing in collaboration with artists from around the world.   
Every season Soft Gallery will commission a refined selection of visual artists, who’s individual and distinctive talents will be featured in the collections as prints and hand embroideries. 
The idea behind Soft Gallery emerged from a deep-felt interest in art and creative talents and the idea of sharing artistic thoughts and works with clothing as the canvas.
Soft Gallery has become a simply unique and innovative clothing label that has increased its collections continuously since established in 2007, in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Tine Holt Møller and Barbara Hvidt. 
Soft Gallery supports Danish Indian Childcare when selling clothes produced in India. All pieces made in India are recognized by a special hangtag. 

Sunuva - UVAסאן

Sunuva lunched in 2007 by Emily & Sabrina 2 stylish mothers that were both frustrated at the lack of stylish UV protective children’s swimwear available. So they started a journey and set out on a mission to create a swimwear and beachwear line which was not only super stylish and cool but also kept the kids safe in the sun. the collections are always super stylish, boho chick look and the prints are their own design as well! Sunuva swimwear is made from Italian fabric with SPF 50 to ensure little ones are both comfortable and safe. 































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